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Reduce your energy costs and be part of the community’s transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

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Introducing Geelong Community Solar

Reduce your energy costs and be part of the community’s transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

Who we are

Meet your industry experts

Reduce your energy costs and be part of the community’s transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

Vicki Perrett

President of Geelong Sustainability

Vicki enjoyed a long career in tertiary education as a teacher, instructional designer, program manager and business development manager. A seachange retirement to the Bellarine aroused her passion for sustainability and the imperative to protect our natural environment for future

Tom McKenzie

Regional Sales Manager at RACV Solar

Tom has many years’ experience as a solar and battery consultant during which time he has worked with hundreds of families to save on energy costs and reduce emissions. He has also has extensive experience in developing a wholistic solution for homes incorporating smart heating and cooling, hot water and EV chargers.

Dan Cowdell

Community Energy Partner at Mondo

A self-confessed energy geek, Dan is passionate about helping communities achieve their 100% renewable future.  Dan has a background in both commercial and not-for-profit sectors with over 15 years’ experience working as an electrical engineer, project manager and community organiser. He has worked in the fields of industrial automation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and community energy.

Geelong Community Solar Webinar

This event is for homeowners wanting to really understand the options and practicalities of solar and battery storage.

In this session we will cover:


How solar & batteries work


What you should consider when going solar or installing batteries.


What brands and technologies are available today.


How this program works and how you can get involved.


How much a system can save on power bills.


How much a solar and battery system costs.

Introducing RACV Solar & Mondo

RACV Solar and Mondo can tailor an energy solution to your needs and help you choose a purchase option that’s right for your business. With help every step along the way your business can become more aware of your energy consumption so you can optimise your energy usage, operate it more efficiency and save money.

Save on power bills

Reduce your energy bills by switching to clean, renewable solar and battery power, with a system tailored to your home.

Be part of the community

Access better rates and pricing options on your home solar and battery installation by 'buying with your community'.

Backed by warranties

Each system is designed in cooperation with an engineer and backed by rock-solid warranties and support provided by trusted companies here for the long haul.

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Save money, save the environment.

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