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Reduce your energy costs and be part of the community’s transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

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Introducing Geelong Community Solar

Reduce your energy costs and be part of the community’s transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

Who we are

Meet your industry experts

Reduce your energy costs and be part of the community’s transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

Trina Butko

Executive Office at GreenLight

Trina Butko is the Executive Officer of GreenLight, a social enterprise of Geelong Sustainability. Greenlight provides residential, business, and whole of community sustainability solutions. Trina is a values-led business and project manager with extensive experience in the redevelopment of cities, community and economic development, and organisation development. As a creative thinker, Trina runs her own business consultancy practice and loves collaborating with like-minded innovative organisations.  

Bronte Wilson

Senior Product Analyst at Mondo

Bronte Wilson is the Project Sponsor for the Geelong Community Solar Program from Mondo. Within the product team at Mondo, Bronte works on bringing innovative solar and battery offerings to market for both residential and business customers, that are underpinned by cutting edge technology and tangible value propositions.

Pat Tale

Head of Business Development at RACV Solar

Pat has over 10 years' experience as a renewable energy and environmental consultant during which time he has worked with hundreds of families save on energy costs and reduce emissions. He has also has extensive experience in developing portfolio sustainability assessments and proposals for complex energy projects that incorporate solar and battery systems, Virtual Power Plants, microgrids, embedded networks, electric vehicle charging and other emerging solutions.

Geelong Community Solar Webinar

This event is for businesses and industry wanting to really understand the options and practicalities of solar and battery storage.

In this session we will cover:


Potential cost savings.

The different ways a solar and/or battery solution can reduce components of your energy bill.


Benefits of solar & battery.

Other benefits a solar and/or battery solution can provide your business, including helping you achieve your sustainability goals, and reduce operational downtime during power interruptions.


Are you ready for solar?

Key indicators that your business may stand to gain from a solar and/or battery system-including your network and retail tariff, energy load shape, and operational hours.


How to avoid common pitfalls in ‘going solar’.


Payment options.

The pros and cons of different payment options available including $0 upfront Power Purchase Agreements and battery leases.


The future of solar.

What the emerging energy market looks like, and what that means for making energy decisions today.

Introducing RACV Solar & Mondo

RACV Solar and Mondo can tailor an energy solution to your needs and help you choose a purchase option that’s right for your business. With help every step along the way your business can become more aware of your energy consumption so you can optimise your energy usage, operate it more efficiency and save money.

Improved cashflow

Immediately improve your cash flow for $0 upfront with a solar and battery system designed by engineers and maintained free of charge.

Solar & battery

Get the best solar and battery solution for your business with the highest level of reporting, monitoring and control of your energy use, generation and storage.

Backed by warranties

Each system is designed in cooperation with an engineer and backed by rock-solid warranties and support provided by trusted companies here for the long haul.

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